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    Illuminate with LED
    Brilliant quality colors
    High Lumen Output
    Low Energy Consumption
    Eco Friendly Technology
    Sustainable Products
    The Future is Now
    Trusted Lighting Design Experts
    Rock Solid Installation
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    Lasts 50x Longer
    Use 90% Less Energy
    Gain More Light
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Regal Lighting Designs LED lighting design and installation experts.

We’re changing our world, one light bulb at a time. The future is now, make the better choice.

Leaders in LED

We are the recognized leaders in residential LED lighting our proven results are showcased in ‘Canadian Homes and Cottages’, ‘The Toronto Star’, ‘Ottawa Citizen’ and more.

Safer Technology

LEDs contain no mercury or cadmium making them the safer choice for your family and the environment.

Next Generation Lighting

LED's are a sustainable technology that last up to 50 times longer and use less energy than traditional lighting.

We Love LEDs

We’ve exclusively designed & installed LED lighting systems for over a decade, enhancing homes and lives in the process.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Do more with less. LED's are an ECO-Friendly technology that last longer, produce less waste and use less energy than traditional lighting.

Design & Install

Lighting the way you want means more lighting options and greater control of light. We professionally install a quality system tailored to your home.

Our Work

LED lights are available in the same warm white, natural white, and true white that you’re used to. They also allow new options for colours, beam patterns, and intensities. Your lighting can remain static or become more dynamic and use up to 90% less energy. We provide a wide range of quality products to expand your options. LEDs actually provide more colour options as opposed to traditional lighting given that a single fixture is capable of adjustable colour and brightness.

LED systems are the smart choice when it comes to long-term value. A single fixture replaces up to 50 traditional bulbs while being up to 90% more energy efficient, the savings are both economical and environmental. Your initial investment will result in hundreds of dollars in savings that continue as the notion of buying and changing bulbs fades from your memory.

LED lighting systems provide you with a wider range options, from a variety of beam patterns and intensities, to various colours and hues. Lighting options also expand offering a variety of functional, task, and accent lighting for your interior, exterior, and landscape. Our lighting solutions are precisely tailored to any need or desire.


Just wanted to let you know that the lighting and layout is just what we wanted. The placement of the LEDs emphasizes the front design elements nicely and also gives the security and safety we had discussed. Thanks very much.
Leigh Howell
We put our trust in Tom’s suggestions and design and he did not disappoint. The lights add sophistication and elegance to our home. We are very happy with the outcome. We would not hesitate to recommend his services to other customers.

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